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The Cast Stone Workshop.

Specialist UK Stone Balustrade Manufacturer.

The cast stone workshop, or Somerset stone factory, is where many different items of decorative garden stoneware are manufactured.

All of the items of cast stone are produced using the dry-cast method. Many items are made by hand; what this means is that they are worked into the mould by hand, not using any sort of machine, such as a sand rammer.

Although hand making can be a more time-consuming method of making stone products, it can be the best way to get a high-quality finish. Some items are always hand-made, most urns and some tub planters.

In this factory, bird baths, balusters, balustrade rails, caps, stone lions and some other items are all made by hand, rather than made using a sand rammer.

After an item has been made it is then given time to cure or harden, normally about a day. Then the next day or so, it is de-moulded, or stripped out of the mould, and wet down to speed up the curing process, and the mould is reassembled and oiled, so that it is ready for the next one to be made.

It takes about a week for an item to be hard enough for the product to be ready for sale. In cold weather, it will take longer for items to cure.


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