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Stone Pier Caps, Finials and Coping Stones.

Large Cast Stone Pier Caps From £50

Stone pier caps are more than just a decorative way to cap a gateway pillar or pillars that are part of a walls structure.
Pier caps are also used as a way of displaying ornamental stone features such as finials, stone ball finials, pineapple finials etc.
Sometimes rather than adding finials or items such as stone lions to the top of a pier cap,
people use apex pier caps so that rain water runs of the cap or caps.
Coping stones serve a similar purpose, but are used cap walls to stop water soaking into the stonework or brickwork of the wall.
Finials are something that have been around for many years, in fact back to before the Greek empire.
Originally, they would mainly be seen on very grand entrances, on gateway pillars and large gateposts to the homes or palaces of the richest and highest-ranking citizens in society.
Now, stone finials are available in a far wider range of styles and sizes, starting with quite small plain ball finials.
Although the list of stone finials generally starts with all sizes of ball finials, it goes on and on, with different types and sizes, such as – pineapple finials, acorns, lions and many other types of animals, bowls of fruit, all sorts of stone urns and so on.
Having said that, I find that the ball finial is still by far the most popular, followed by the pineapple finial.

 Stone Pier Cap Prices.

15 inch (38cm) Flat Pier Cap   £40

15 inch (38cm) Apex Pier Cap £45

18 inch (46cm) Flat Pier Cap    £50

20 inch (51cm) Flat Pier Cap    £60

Stone Finial Prices.

9 inch Ball Finial £38

                                                                                             12 inch Ball Finial £55

                                                                                               Pineapple Finial £85

Stone Pineapple Finial.

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