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About Shepton Classic Stone

Anglo Trading Estate (outside gate 2)

Commercial Road (A371)

Shepton Mallet

Somerset  (UK)  BA4 5BY 

Tel: 01749 347774


OPEN 8.00AM to 3.30PM 




Stone Garden Ornaments and Balustrade Manufacturer.

Shepton Classic Stone has been producing stone garden ornaments (garden stoneware) since 2004 when it was set up by Morgan Blight with a view to producing high quality stone garden products, but not at the sky high prices normally seen at other manufacturers.                                                                                                           

Now, 14 years later, we have built a reputation throughout the UK for making a wide range of high quality, decorative, dry-cast stone garden products.                                 Although Shepton Classic Stone is best known for making competitively priced classic stone balustrade, we are also known for the production of many other stone garden products, such as a variety of stone garden planters in the form of urns, tubs and trough planters, along with many other items, including bird baths, sundials, plinths, pedestals, stone seats and more.

All of the stone garden products that are made at Shepton Classic Stone are made from dry-cast stone, and not made using concrete.  Dry-cast stone is the traditional way to make cast stone.  The idea is that it should look as if it has been carved from solid natural stone. Dry-cast stone is often called,  reconstructed, reconstituted or precast stone.  Making concrete is a completely different method, and does not have the same quality look about it.

Over the years stone balustrade seems to have become more and more popular, so more of our time has been turned over to making balustrade,  which in turn has made Shepton Classic Stone better known for producing stone balustrade than any other cast stone product.

Having said that, all of our other garden stoneware is still available, although more items are now made to order, rather than always in stock.

At the end of the day, Shepton Classic Stone produces whatever products are in demand, and at the moment stone balustrade is our main seller.                                     

Due to the increasing demand for our dry-cast stone products at present our stock is lower than it normally would be.

Call 01749 347774 to see if an item of interest is in stock before setting off, if you are coming a long distance.


For Pictures & Prices of Our Products, 


 The Many Cast Stone Items Manufactured at Shepton Classic Stone.

The majority of the items that we produce at Shepton Classic Stone are various types and styles of stone garden planters, such as stone tub planters, stone trough planters and classic urn planters.  We do, however, produce a range of other items of garden stoneware that fit in with our range of garden planters.                                                                                                                                                          Among these are – bird baths, seats / benches, ball finials, pineapple finials, stone lions, piers, plinths, and pedestals, sundials and of course, classic dry-cast stone balustrade.

 Stone Garden Planters Made in Somerset, the Success Story Continues.  

Shepton Classic Stone has been supplying stone garden planters to customers from all over the UK, for over ten years now.  No matter what the market does, or the8 changes in the fashion and style of garden planters are at the time, customers always come back for more of our stone planters.                                                                                                                                                                                           Maybe it’s the variety and style of our planters, or perhaps it is also because our dry-cast stone planters are made to last more than just a few years.  Properly made high quality stone planters should last for many years to come, whatever the UK climate throws at them.  Poor quality garden planters made from all sorts of different materials come and go.  Shepton Classic Stone cast stone garden planters are designed to last, and our many loyal customers in the UK know it, which is why they keep coming back for more, and is also why we have such a lot of new customers from word of mouth.

What are the most popular stone garden planters made at Shepton Classic Stone ?

12Our most popular garden planters are always tub planters.  One of the main reasons that tub planters are more popular than other types of stone planter is due to depth of soil.  Basically, a tub garden planter will hold more soil than most urn planters or trough planters, which in turn allows for more space for plant roots to grow.  This means that a tub planter is more versatile in that it can be used to contain a wider and more varied range of plants, without having to re-pot the plant in question because it no longer has the room to grow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Next on our garden planter popularity list are, trough planters.  In some ways this is a similar story to the tub planter, i.e. more soil.  In this case though, a stone trough planter allows someone to have a border of plants without the planter sticking out too much, which is why trough planters are often put along the walls of a property when another type of planter would block a path or walkway.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The most popular stone urn planter that we make, is also the biggest urn planter that we make, probably for similar reasons as the popularity of the planters talked about above.

Shepton Classic Stone probably has the lowest prices for dry-cast stone, also known as reconstructed stone (or reconstituted stone) for sale in the UK, not just the lowest in Somerset.

Is it raining ?   No problem, Shepton Classic Stone is indoors.

Where are we ?

Directions to find us, REMEMBER, when visiting Shepton Classic Stone for the first time, Shepton Classic Stone is OUTSIDE YARD 2 / GATE 2, of the Anglo Trading Estate.  On the main road, NOT IN THE YARD ITSELF.                    If you have a problem finding Shepton Classic Stone, call : 01749 347774  for directions.  OPEN TIMES : 8.00 AM TO 3.30 PMMONDAY TO SATURDAY. 





A classic stone bird bath makes an ideal functional centerpiece in any garden.

The different styles of cast stone bird baths available from Shepton Classic Stone of Somerset.

Stone Bird Baths from – £48 each.

Classic Stone Bird bath (BB2)Stone bird baths made by Shepton Classic Stone of Somerset come in all sorts of different styles and designs, starting with the traditional or standard classic bird bath.  This classic bird bath has always been our best selling bird bath by some margin.  Then there is a small version of this bird bath, the small classic bird bath.  These two bird baths are the two that most people think of when they think of buying a traditional classic bird bath.                      Other bird baths that have become very popular are the low-level bird bath.  Then there’s the cherub bird bath. This bird bath has always had its admirers.  Then there is also the fluted bird bath, which has a delicate classic look all of its own.  We also produce a relatively modern bird bath such as the floral bird bath with a nice floral design, a bird bath that is perhaps more suited to a modern setting.                                                            Another bird bath that has become very popular in recent years is the rustic bird bath.  This bird bath looks as if it has been cut from a solid piece of sand-stone.  And finally, a bird bath that many people find very attractive and which also makes a nice decorative feature is the mermaid bird bath,  this bird bath is basically a variation on the Small Classic Bird Bath (BB4)traditional cherub bird bath.

All the above bird baths are hand-made using the dry-cast stone method at our site in Somerset and, are not made using concrete.  In our view dry-cast stone produces a far superior and higher quality product and finish than can be achieved using concrete, plus they are all also 100% frost-proof.

Garden Stoneware

There are various terms or words used to describe the many different items of garden stoneware.

For instance, there are different types of stone garden planters, starting with tub planters, which are plant containers that go from being plain to the very ornate and classic in design and style. These start from quite small to the very large.  In fact some companies make tub planters that are so big a person could climb inside them.

Stone Trough Planters from – £32 each.

Two Small Troughs (TR8) Then there are stone troughs.  Stone troughs originate from several thousand years ago and were used as a means of holding or directing water.   Troughs from this period were generally cut or carved from solid stone, although cast stone was already available for many smaller items at the time, larger items were often cast in situ using moulds made of wood.   Many troughs were used specifically for holding water for horses,  because for centuries horses were the main work force for many a nation and this meant lots of water needed to be readily available so that teams of horses could easily be watered.               In more recent times unused water troughs started to be used as a way of displaying plants and turned into a decorative feature.                                                                                                                                                                                              Now we Tudor Rose Stone Trough (TR6)come to the present day, and troughs that are specifically made as trough planters.   Stone troughs that are carved from solid stone can still be bought new; many of these natural stone troughs are now imported from China where the lower labour costs make it more viable to still carve from solid stone. 31                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        A more normal method of production is to cast using a mould, either casting in concrete or for a top-of-the-range product to cast using the dry-cast method (dry-cast-sandstone).                                                                           Now that these methods have been perfected, manufactured stone troughs can be produced in any number of styles and decorative finishes without any thought of the origins of the stone trough before it was seen as a type of stone planter.

Classic Stone Urn Planters from – £25 each 

Classic Urns (2)Then we come to stone urns, or vases as they are sometimes called.  urns are often considered to be the top-of-the-range in planters when it comes to classic ornamental garden decoration.  There are two main types of urns;  one-piece and two-piece.  A one-piece urn is normally the smaller of the two and comes in a wide range of styles.  A two-piece urn can be made far larger, because it has a separate neck or base to support the bowl part.  This neck can be made to be very substantial and strong enough to withstand a great deal of weight.4 x U2 & P1.

Pedestals and plinths are mainly used as a decorative way of lifting the stone urn up for all to see; to make it into a grand centerpiece, something that makes a statement in a large garden.  Even a relatively small urn on a plinth, pedestal or pier can make a nice feature in almost any garden or courtyard.

Classic Stone Balustrade – £118 per metre.

There are also several different terms used for stone balustrade, such as balustrades or stone balustrading.  OfBalustrade Stock Pictures 2013. course stone balustrade is made up of balustrade piers / plinths, handrails and base-rails and there are endless different styles of balusters.  The style of baluster is one of the main things that gives the balustrade its particular look, whether it’s an old classic style baluster, like a Tudor teardrop baluster, or a more modern baluster.  This will completely change the look and style of the balustrade. More and more of our stone balustrade these days seems to be ordered by customers who live in London. Shepton Classic Stone balustrade has now been delivered to all parts of the UK.

Some people think of garden stoneware / stone garden ornaments as patio furniture, outdoor furniture or lawn ornaments.  People also use many different terms for planters like,  stone garden plant pots, outdoor planters, plant containers or just garden planter.

Stone Ball Finials from £28 each.

I suppose you could say that all these different terms used to describe dry-cast garden stoneware are all correct.Balusters Stock.  They are just some of the ways to describe much the same thing.

Although Shepton Classic Stone is based in Somerset, South West, we do have customers from all parts of the UK.        

What this demonstrates is that, people are prepared to travel to buy a good quality product if it is sold at a good price. 


Compare Our Prices With Other UK Manufacturers. 

For Prices & More Pictures, Click – Prices



Classic Cast Stone Balustrade / balustrading. 



(Stone garden ornaments, Planters, Bird Baths, Urns & Pedestals, etc.)



        Click on – Balustrade enquiries, for more information.


Information about collecting cast stone balustrade / balustrading A Ford Transit type van will carry 1500kg, larger orders will need more then one trip.


If the balustrade that you are planning needs to meet current UK building regulations, i.e. the 100mm sphere rule, the balusters will need to be closer than the traditional 12 inch centres and you will need to use spacer rods in order to meet this 100mm gap rule.  Classic teardrop balusters will not meet the current UK building regulations without the use of spacer rods.

We have found that although the use of spacer rods is unavoidable in order to meet current UK building regulations, if the spacer rods / bars are painted black before they are installed, they are not visible to a casual observer or passer-by.  The eye is drawn to the classic teardrop shape of the balusters, and the overall look of the stone balustrade, rather than the black spacer rods / bars. How to erect stone balustrade.

  Pier / Plinth  (including caps) (28” x 12.5”) £60.00   63 kg each
  Hand rail (24” x 8” x 3”) £14.00   16 kg each
  Bottom rail (24” x 8 x 3”) £14.00   16 kg each
  Baluster (20.5” x 6.5”) £22.00   12 kg each
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