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Cast Stone Balustrade Production.

Specialist UK Stone Balustrade Manufacturer.

Cast stone balustrade production is seen as separate from all other production of cast stone products, due to the huge number of items that are sometimes being made, if the balustrade order is a very large order.

Sometimes the number of balusters and balustrade rails can be several hundred, along with dozens of balustrade piers and pier caps.

A far higher number of individual items than would be in an order of planters, it is literally like making hundreds of planters for one order, which is why it is different to any other production of stone.

Shepton Classic Stone has become better know for classic cast stone balustrade than any other cast stone product, due to the sheer number of balustrade orders that have been made in this UK cast stone factory.

Sometimes everything else has to be put on hold just to catch up with the balustrade orders that are coming in.

All items of cast stone production are important to us in this stone factory, but we do seem to have become more of a specialist when it comes to classic balustrade.

During the recession balustrade seem to be the one item that was still always in demand. Many other decorative stone items seemed to fall out of favor as people tightened their belts and cut back on spending, but balustrade sales always made sure that this production facility was kept busy.

Sometimes customers have booked balustrade orders months ahead of when they need it, just so they can be sure that it can be made by Shepton Classic Stone, rather than have to go to another producer.


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