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Cast Stone Trough Planters.

Cast Stone Trough Planters Made in The UK.

Stone troughs originate from several thousand years ago and were used as a means of holding or directing water.
Troughs from this period were generally cut or carved from solid stone although cast stone was already available for many smaller items at the time, larger items were often cast in situ using moulds made of wood.
Many troughs were used specifically for holding water for horses,
because for centuries horses were the main work force for many a nation and this meant lots of water needed to be readily available so that teams of horses could easily be watered.
In more recent times unused water troughs started to be used as a way of displaying plants and turned into a decorative feature.
Now we come to the present day and troughs that are specifically made as trough planters. Stone troughs that have been carved from solid stone can still be bought new many of these natural stone troughs are now
imported from China where the lower labour costs make it more viable to carve from solid stone.
A more normal method of production is to cast stone using a mould,
either casting in concrete or for a top of the range product to cast using the dry-cast method (dry-cast sandstone).
Now that these methods have been perfected, manufactured stone troughs can be
produced in any number of styles and decorative finishes without any thought of the
origins of the stone trough before it was seen as a type of stone planter.


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