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Classic Stone Bird Baths.

Traditional Stone Bird Baths – Made in Somerset.

Hand Made UK, Dry-cast Stone Bird Baths From – £70

Stone bird baths have always been a very popular addition to gardens, stone bird baths are not only an attractive garden ornament but, also functional.
Shepton Classic Stone has always sold a large numbers of bird baths.
Bird baths come in all sorts of different styles and designs, starting with the traditional classic stone bird bath. This classic bird bath has always been our most popular bird bath by some margin. Then there is a smaller version of this bird bath, the small classic bird bath. These two bird baths are the two that most people think of when they think of buying a traditional or classic stone bird bath.
Other bird baths that have also become popular over the last few years are the classic low-level bird bath. Then there’s the cherub bird bath. This bird bath has always had its admirers. Of Course there is also the fluted bird bath, which has a delicate and individual classic look all of its own.
We also produce a relatively modern bird bath such as the floral bird bath which has a nice floral a design, a bird bath that is perhaps more suited to a more modern setting. Another bird bath that has become very popular in
recent years is the rustic stone bird bath. This bird bath looks as if it has been cut from a solid piece of sand-stone. And finally a bird bath that many people find very attractive and which also makes a nice decorative feature is the mermaid bird bath, which is basically a variation on the
classic cherub bird bath.
All the above bird baths are hand-made using the dry-cast stone method and are not made using concrete. In our view dry-cast stone produces a far
superior and higher quality product and finish than can be achieved using concrete.

Stone Bird Bath Prices.

Cherub Bird Bath (BB1) – £110

Classic Bird Bath (BB2) – £100 

Mermaid Bird Bath (BB3) – £110

Small Classic Bird Bath (BB4) – £70

Fluted Bird Bath (BB5) – £95

Low Level Bird Bath (BB7) – £80

Floral Bird Bath (BB8) – £70

Rustic Bird Bath (BB9) – £70

Square Bird Bath (BB10) – £80

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