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How to Create Your Dream Garden

Stone Urn & Pedestal (U11 - P3)A dream garden can be achieved in any number of ways useing items of garden stoneware / dry-cast stone garden ornaments . It depends onStone Urn Planter (U13) the style of garden that you have in mind and also the budget that you have to work with, although a lot can be achieved with a few key items without great expense.

A simple layout can go something like this; if there is a gateway with a drive, you could put finials on brick pillars to enhance the entrance, then two stone planters either side of the main doorways into the house. These could be stone tubs, urns or urns on pedestals depending on the style that you are looking for.

One option is to place stone troughs under the main ground floor windows of the house as a way of adding style and character to the property without them looking out of place.

If there is a main area of grass or a lawn then a centre piece could make a nice focal point, a bird bath, sundial or urn on a pedestal, something that makes a nice feature and breaks up the open space.

Stone Curved Seat & small planters.One of the most popular things to do these days is to lay flagstones and pave part of the garden to make a patio area that will be low maintenance, can be used all year round, when grass may be too wet to walk on.  This paved patio area can then be decorated with a selection of ornamental stoneware of your choosing, possibly including stone seating.

Square Stone Planter (T1)If you really wanted to make a feature out of this area, then a section of stone balustrade would add that quintessential classical look and take the whole garden to another level.

Any one of these suggestions would add character to almost any garden and need not cost a fortune to be effective. Many people choose to add items of garden stoneware to their garden bit by bit so as to keep the cost down. Over time you will still end up with the same classic look of antique stoneware without the initial expenditure.

Years ago the only place that you would see classic ornamental stoneware would be at a grand manor house or hall.Now stoneware is more readily available and more affordable so that the public in general can achieve the same sort of classical look that was out of reach at one time.

Shepton Classic Stone has been supplying many of the above mentioned items of ornamental garden stoneware at very competitive prices since 2004.   A list of some of the items and pictures of garden stoneware and prices can be found on the retail priceChimney Planter list page.


UK Stone Garden Planters from £8 each.


In the UK there are many types of garden planters available, more than there has ever been in the past.

At Shepton Classic Stone UK we stick to producing one particular type of garden planter, and method of production.  Cast stone garden planters, or more accurately, dry-cast stone garden planters.  Not to be confused with concrete garden planters.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur range of stone garden planters covers many tastes, starting with simple and fairly plain tub planters like the small barrel planter.  This is the sort of garden planter that customers tend to buy if they are looking for a garden planter that will not standTudor Rose Stone Trough (TR6) out too much and will go with almost anything.

However, many of our stone planters do have distinct designs and styles, and therefore allow the customer to choose different designs of stone planter that will look right together, such as, planters that have a roman style or theme.  Or, there are many stone garden planters with a floral theme that would run well together nicely.

Cast stone trough planters have always been big sellers at Shepton Classic Stone.  Our best selling stone trough planter for the last few years has been the Tudor Rose trough planter, although all the stone trough planters that we produce have always tended to sell very well.  For some reason stone trough planters do not seem seasonal like some other items of garden stoneware.  Many people buy stone trough planters in the middle of winter, in order to have a nice display of winter bulbs when other plants would not be able to flower due to the cold weather.

Although classic stone urn planters are not such big sellers as stone tub planters and trough planters, they are very popular and many customers prefer the classic look8 of an urn on a plinth, pedestal or pier.

The best selling classic urn at Shepton Classic Stone has always been the U11 urn and P3 pedestal, although many people do prefer smaller urns and pedestals, or medium to small urns on the ground, without a plinth pedestal or pier.



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