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Classic Cast Stone Balustrade


Stone Balustrade / Balustrades / Balustrading.

Prices / Price Per Item – Balusters £30 each / Rails £20 each / Piers £100 each

Handmade dry cast-stone  – NOT Concrete Balustrade.

(also known as – Reconstructed / Reconstituted or Precast Stone Balustrade) 

It is normally considered that stone balustrade / balustrading / balustrades, is the sort of thing that only a wealthy landowner, who perhaps resides in a large stately home or mansion would ever consider.  Would it look totally out of place at a property of more normal dimensions ?

Obviously it is easier to go over the top when making this type of addition to a smaller dwelling. Too much of anything can totally dominate and completely change the look of any property.


Having said that, when a small amount of balustrade / balustrading is used to make a decorative feature out of the main entrance of even a quite ordinary home, balustrade can add that extra bit of class to what may have been a quite normal doorway. It adds a degree of character that perhaps was missing in the original design.


If the said property has a boundary wall of a suitable structure and size, this can have a run of stone balustrade added to the top without great expenditure and could be finished with urns or finials on top of the balustrade columns.  Using simple ideas and a few items of ornamental garden stoneware, you can give your home a classic look that anyone would be proud of.

Shepton Classic Stone supplies –

Cast-stone balustrade to customers all over the UK.

Especially – London & The South East.

Over the years Shepton Classic Stone has built up a good reputation for producing high quality dry-cast stone Tudor balustrade at a very good price.  As a result of our quality products and competitive pricing we have built up a customer base in most parts of the UK including – Birmingham and the West Midlands, Bristol and Bath, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, London and south-east, UK Cast Stone Manufacturers, Sheffield, Nottinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Yorkshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, Surrey, Wiltshire and Swindon,  many parts of Wales, and even as far afield as Leeds and Scotland.

A normal comment from a new customer is  “We are so pleased that we found you. We thought that we were going to have to spend so much more to have balustrade”.

As a result of customer satisfaction, a lot of our new customers hear about us by word of mouth,  which as everyone knows is the best form of advertising.

Cast Stone Balustrade. (Not Concrete Balustrade)                                   


Balustrade  Specifications.

Baluster (size – 20.5″ inches x 6.5″ inches)  (weight 12 kg)  Price £30.00 each

Handrail (size – 24″ x 8″ x 3″ inches) (weight 16 kg) Price £20.00 each

Base Rail (size – 24″ x 8″ x 3″ inches) (weight 16 kg) Price £20.00 each

Pier / Plinth (size – 28″ x 12.5″ inches) (weight including caps 63 kg) Price £100.00 each

Address –

Shepton Classic Stone

Anglo Trading Estate (outside gate 2, on the road)

Commercial Road (A371)

Shepton Mallet


                                                   BA4 5BY                                                  

Due to the large number of cast stone balustrade / balustrading orders that are produced by Shepton Classic Stone, it is important that if you are planning to place an order for stone balustrade with us, the order should be booked at the earliest opportunity to reduce the risk of a delay due to the amount of orders that may have already been booked at the time.  Also any balustrade / balustrading order that has just been made will need a minimum of ten days curing time before it can be transported.

For all enquiries telephone 01749 347774 – 07733853700  

or  email – 

It is now over ten years since Shepton Classic Stone started producing dry-cast stone.  One of the cast stone products that we have produced a lot of is, cast stone balustrade.  Sometimes it has the one cast stone product that has kept the business on an even keel, especially during the downturn.

However, now we do seem to sell a lot more of all the items of garden stoneware that we produce, tubs, troughs, urns, bird baths etc.  Sometimes there are so many orders of all sorts of cast stone items that it is hard to know where to start.                                                                                                                                                                                              Making a stone balustrade order can be equivalent to making hundreds of stone pots / stone planters.   Because we have become so well known for making cast stone 69 balustrade, the balustrade orders keep coming at all times of the year.  We have always stuck to making just the one style of stone balustrade, i.e. the classic looking balustrade with the teardrop baluster.  This seems to be the style of cast stone balustrade that most customers are looking for.

Because Shepton Classic Stone is only a small cast stone business, there is a limit to the number of stone balustrade orders that we can undertake in a year.  So, customers thinking about ordering stone balustrade from Shepton Classic Stone will need to put in the order early, because there is sometimes a waiting list for our classic cast stone balustrade.

Cast Stone Manufacturers.



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