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Cast Stone Manufacturers.

Cast Stone Manufacturing in The UK.

Manufacturing cast stone can mean almost anything from a huge list of cast stone items, and many different methods of production, wet-cast or dry-cast, also different sorts of aggregate.

The most widely produced cast stone used by many manufacturers of stone products is architectural stone. Architectural stone is sometimes made using a traditional concrete mix, although this does not really have a look of stone in the true sense.

There are other wet-cast mixes that have more of a look of stone due to the different aggregates that are used in the production process, mainly the use of more coarse sands and less chippings and stones, also, often a bit less water is used when mixing, the end result, a more realistic look of stone.

Then there is the process that is often used for more decorative items to give the authentic look of cut sandstone. This is the dry-cast method, also known as semi dry mix, due to the fact that it is not totally dry.

Certain shapes will always have to be made using a wet-cast mix, because it would not be possible get a dry-cast mix to go into the mould correctly. Many times, you need to use a mix that can be poured into the mould in order to make sure that the mould has been totally filled and that no gaps have been left in the finished product.

When a mould is designed for dry-casting, it is specifically made so that you will have more access into the mould, so that the mix can be compacted into the mould, and hit in by hand or using a sand rammer.

All of these different methods of casting stone have their different places and uses, depending on the type of stone products needed for a particular job and purpose.


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